Not so long ago, The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX was at version 4.26, and the only french version available (at least, with the sources) was version 3.20. Hence I translated the 4.26, starting from the changes brought by version 3.21 upstream and making my way up version by version. As of latest versions, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard and I teamed up for translating the new versions.

From then on, the translation follows the rythm of the upstream release. The latest version of the translation is: v5.01fr-0.

First of all, the Github link for the development version:

  • lshort-fr. This link directs you to the "french" branch, i.e. the branch for the french version. The "master" branch corresponds to a git versioning of the upstream, english version

An official compilation can be found on the CTAN project website:

Then, the compiled versions, normally as up-to-date as the latest tag of the "french" version.